2014 Events:

  • Featured sled: YAMAHA and Yamaha engine snowmobiles, such as Roll-o-Flex and Sno*Jet
  • Friday evening: Pre-show gathering    7-10 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 mile vintage ride
  • Saturday: Side-by-side drag racing on ice
  • Saturday: Swap meet all day
  • Saturday: Silent auction inside Ballroom
  • Saturday night: banquet
  • Sunday: World’s biggest vintage judged show
  • Sunday: Silent auction inside Ballroom
  • Autograph Session:  noon – 1:00 p.m. inside Ballroom
  • Sunday: ORA oval racing on ice
  • Sunday: LOUD snowmobile contest for both tuned pipes & megaphones
  • Sunday: Swap meet all day


January 2014 we feature YAMAHA and Yamaha engined snowmobiles and other vehicles.

This year we have made arrangements for you to see several special, unique and unusual Yamaha, Roll-o-Flex and Sno*Jet vintage and racing machines at Waconia.   We are also inviting many Yamaha racers, engineers and mechanics to our event.  Check back for updates as we confirm attendance.

We will have special classes for Yamaha, Roll-o-Flex and Sno*Jet displayed on Sunday. These classes will be:


FEATURED MANUFACTURER CLASSES: (in addition to traditional classes)

- Yamaha Race – unrestored

- Yamaha Race - restored

- Yamaha 1969-72 – unrestored

- Yamaha 1969-72  - restored 

- Yamaha 1973-79 – unrestored

- Yamaha 1973-79  - restored 

- Yamaha 1980-85 – unrestored

- Yamaha 1980-85  - restored-

- Yamaha Survivor

- Yamaha 1986-1996 “Limited Build”  (display class only – no judging)

- Yamaha engined (other brand) – unrestored

- Yamaha engined (other brand) – restored

You will be allowed to show your non-Yamaha brands IF POWERED BY A YAMAHA ENGINE.

Be aware that we have  17 traditional categories that are non-brand specific each year.  Click here for the traditional judged classes for Sunday.

Can I have a replacement windshield in the “unrestored” class?  Can I polish the tunnel?  Click here for the Waconia Ride-In Judging Guidelines.


  • Swap Meet.  One of the world’s biggest vintage snowmobile swap meets. Come check out tons of vendors and individuals from all over the U.S. and Canada with parts, sleds, memorabilia and more for sale.  Free swapping on Sunday!
  • Hearty food for hungry folks.  In just one day last year, we served up some 1,500  pork chops, 1,300 hot dogs, 40 gallons of Chili and 100 cases of pop – plus cookies and mini-donuts for dessert.


  • Trailer drop off.  Enter grounds (with admission button) and park your trailer from 2:00 -6:00 p.m..  Vendors may set up on Friday afternoon as well.  Must be pre-registered or buy weekend pass on Friday to participate on Friday.  Save time in line Saturday morning.
  • Ice Breaker Party.  This popular Friday night get-together is at  7:00 -10:00 p.m. in the Ballroom, for the early arrivers. Special guests.  Cash bar.  NO meal service.


  • Vintage riding: Take your old sled out of moth balls and bring it down for an 11 mile ride with 800+ of your old-sled friends.   The biggest vintage ride anywhere.   NO Minnesota trail permit required for this vintage ride. Starts at 11:00 am.  Staging for the ride is on the lake.
  • Ice Drag Racing! One of the most important vintage drag racing events all winter. You can bet you’ll see some smokin’ hot sleds at this years event!    Read more about it in our RACING page.
  • Saturday night banquet with special Yamaha dignitaries, a live auction and a great dinner.   Banquet attendance is by RSVP only — registration form HERE and HERE.


  • World’s biggest Vintage Snowmobile Show with over 45 classes and 140+ awards this year.  Now with Survivor and Clone classes.
  • Ice Oval Racing, courtesy of the Oval Racers Alliance (ORA)!     Read more about it in our RACING page.
  • Autograph Session:  noon – 1:00 p.m. inside Ballroom.  Bring your Yamaha memorabilia (limit 3 items) to have Yamaha legends and VIP’s autograph.  Special Scorpion posters available to purchase.
  • Think your sled is LOUD? Enter it in the Loud Snowmobile contest – it starts at 1:00 p.m. sharp.  This year we will award trophies to both Megaphone and Tuned Pipe categories!  Add your name to the registration list in the ballroom on Sunday morning.
  • Silent auction of great vintage snowmobile memorabilia form 10:30 am to 2:30 p.m.
  • Special interest displays inside the Ballroom
  • 3:00 Awards Ceremony



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swap meet both Saturday & Sunday

swap meet both Saturday & Sunday