2017 Ice Drag Racing Report

Mercury Snowmobile Drag Racing

Saturday’s ice drag racing went well. No incidents and plenty of happy racers after it was all done. The four major sponsors are Wahl Brothers Racing,, St Boni Motorsports and AAEN Performance. 165 entries with racers from MN, IA, WI and MI. Waconia Cup class this year was Open Mod 660cc. Jeff Frye from […]


Snowmobile Drag Racing Awards

Waconia Brewery donated some beer growlers for the Saturday drag-racers. We presented the days “red lighters” with a growler of beer.

2015 AAEN Performance Winner

Snowmobile Drag Racing Check Presentation

The 2015 Waconia Cup and the $500 check went to Tom Fridgen for 500 open mod. Presented by: Josh Rhy, Larry Spindler, Olav AAEN and Mark Gray


If you have questions or comments please contact (Josh Rhy) or (Larry Spindler) (co-race directors) Josh Rhy 612-840-6165 Larry Spindler 715-556-6345