Over 100 photos published — Back to the 80s at ERX

Check out the photos from our January 2024 event.   It was different this year, due to the weather… See who was there and what was going on. All photos are free to download or share.  

Check out Kid’s Pro Ice pond racing on Saturday at ERX

This pond racing venue is back at ERX! Saturday, Jan 27th and Sunday, Jan 28th. Don’t miss your chance to see these young racers and their proud (and nervous) parents at the pond up the hill from the ERX Ballroom.   And check out their exotic mini-racing snowmobiles…  

Raffle sled at ERX: 1962 Polaris L-55

In the Ballroom, don’t forget to check out the Antique Snowmobile Club’s raffle sled. It’s a cute, little 1962 Polaris L-55. This a very collectible earl;y Polaris because it was a lightweight, sporty Polaris in an era where most models were monstrous. For old-sled hobbyists, the L-55 is easy to take to a show, load, […]

4 Days to go — here is an updated event AGENDA

This is our updated Midwest Ride-In agenda. Note the addition of Saturday KIDS PRO-ICE racing on the pond, up the hill from the Ballroom. Be sure to check out this venue. The future racers of tomorrow, and their proud (and nervous) parents. You won’t believe the exotic mini-race snowmobiles that you will see!

We are a GO for ERX next weekend — see new site map

To accommodate low-snow conditions, we are shrinking the “footprint” of our events. See attached sitemap.   The “brand loyalty” groups have been moved down to the lower parking lot, immediately west of the Ballroom (between the Ballroom and Highway 169)   The traditional daily trail rides are replaced with FIRESIDE SOCIALS [bonfire and beverage/food truck(s)] […]