1975 245 RV

Introducing the 2019 Charity Build – a 245RV Ski-Doo!

2019 Charity Sled

Again this year — a group of dedicated, generous and hard working individuals have come forward to purchase and completely restore a “featured brand” snowmobile, with 100% of the live auction proceeds to charity.  (Note that this is not a program or project of the event coordinators.  But we sure are glad to include it to cap off our Saturday night banquet!)

This year it is a 1975 T’NT 245 RV.  One of the sexiest Ski-Doo’s ever built and at one time voted in the Club Ski-Doo Magazine as the most collectible consumer Ski-Doo.

Keep up-to-date at: http://vintagesleds.com/bs/index.php/topic,335826.0.html

All proceeds to the Syble Hopp School for children with intellectual and/or learning disabilities in De Pere Wisconsin.

A lovely young lady from Pulaski, Wisconsin by the name of Amanda MacNeill is the lucky person the build is to be in honor of.   Amanda was born the daughter of none other than the Yellow Fever Club’s Social Media Coordinator David MacNeill.  Amanda lives with her father and is 23 years old.  She was born with severe autism.  At a very early age, Amanda attended  Syble Hopp School for children with intellectual and/or learning disabilities in De Pere Wisconsin.  David’s wishes were for this very worthy school to be the recipient of the proceeds from the RV 245 auction as they have positively impacted the life of he and Amanda.  David’s exact words were: “These people genuinely care about the well being of each and every one of their students”.

We are certain that  autism has affected each and every one of your lives in some way shape or form.  Please be prepared to open up your hearts, minds and wallets to help benefit such a worthy charity.  David and Amanda are WONDERFUL people and great friends, of which are very appreciative and gracious to have been accepted to have the choice of whom the proceeds will benefit.  Below is a link to  Syble Hopp School for those of you who care to learn more about what it is they actually do.  Very seldom in charities do you get to see exactly where your monies will go, but this is an exception to the rule.


The build team goal is to do an OVER THE TOP restoration of this iconic piece of Ski-Doo history, make David and Amanda proud as well as shatter any previous charity auction records. With your help and financial support there is not a doubt in my mind we can reach our goal as a group!


Please RSVP for Banquet tickets to attend the Banquet and live auction. You must have a Banquet ticket to attend through event pre-registration. Please come, meet, thank and shake the hands of the build team. Over $ 74K has been raised for great charities thanks to our hobby’s hard working volunteers.

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