Boa Brotherhood attends Midwest Ride-In

Last January at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, one of the “brand loyalty” groups in attendance was the BOA BROTHERHOOD. Their passion is the small-run 1968-77 Quebec manufacturer — Boa Ski.


Check out these two most unusual models – both racers and both powered by triple-cylinder Hirth “Honker” engines.  As you might imagine, it took some creativity to plumb these massive engines within the narrow engine bay and squat hood .


The “coffin” racer was so-named because the hood opened sideways and the seat top was rounded.   Its steering shaft had to run over the engine first,  before a knuckle joint jutted the shaft downward to the bellcrank & tie rods.


The second racer demonstrates a model where the hood and chassis had no room for three exhaust pipes. What could they do? The answer was the triple “bagpipe” mufflers that pointed upwards and just plain fogged the driver’s face.  Operators report that at first, they felt a stinging their eyes.  Followed soon thereafter, the report was of a “woosy feeling”…

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