Here are the classes for Sunday Judged Show

Registration for Sunday’s judged show is free.  Online registration (See REGISTRATION page of our website.

You can enter and be judged or not judged – your choice.  Note:

*  Survivor class is for those truly original, untouched, as manufactured snowmobiles.  No touch up paint or repaint whatsoever.

** Custom class is for any snowmobile modified by the owner.  Customization examples:  custom paint, different seat, custom fiberglass work, retrofitted independent front suspension, Polaris engine in a different brand chassis, etc.  (see also Ultimate Builder asterisk below.

*** Custom Ultimate Builder comes from the motorcycle show world where functionality, engineering and design come together to create some incredible show pieces.  Focus is not on chrome & polish, but rather on the ingenuity, design, skills and execution of the builder.

2022 Judged show classes-converted

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