With over 400 acres at ERX in Elk River, the Midwest Ride-In will be more spread out this year.  Expect more separation between the brand-specific display areas.  Looks like all four major brands will have displays.


The trail ride will be different.   We are grooming a one-way trail that winds through the acreage.   In one spot, after traveling through a wooded section, the trail breaks out into a meadow where there will be a bonfire.  So, don’t be in a rush.  Stop and smooze with some sled-head new friends.


ERX is famous for it’s one mile long short-track truck racing track.   After the Saturday morning trail ride, you will be allowed to cruise around this famous track.  Just don’t try to catch air on the tabletop jumps!


Even the indoor fun will be super-sized.   Our “Ballroom” indoor venue is significantly larger than back at the old site.


All the makings for a great new show at a great new location…

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