Planning for 2021 Midwest Ride-In

Our Organizational Committee is working hard to hold our end-of-January event.  For now, ITS A GO !!!

We are so pleased to partner with ERX Motor Park, where they held may summer events with great success:

– ERX has put on five summer shows this CIOVID summer

– ERX works proactively with 4 State agencies, notably MN Health Dept and Attorney General’s Office.  Lots of phone calls and published health safety plans

– ERX proactively seeks input from City of Elk River and Sherburne County

– No one from the State has announced their attendance at these events

– The City and County report NO Covid cases that were attributed to ERX events


SO, for now we are proceeding with plans to hold our show.  Some indoor events (like the Banquet) will not happen, but we promise a fun weekend with the sights, sounds and smells of old-snowmobiles in the cold crisp Minnesota winter air…

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